Why ESU?

Small group instruction that brings learning into the modern age for middle and high school students.

What makes Education & Services Unlimited different?


   At Education & Services Unlimited, we believe in the revolutionary notion that every student should be at the center of learning.

Learning of the future

While the world around us is rapidly changing, traditional education is struggling to keep pace.

At Education & Services Unlimited, we do more than bring the mission and methodology of ESU’s high-quality,  tailored approach to education online.

We pick up where traditional learning drops off to give students the opportunity to excel academically regardless of where they live. By utilizing the technology of today and meeting students where they are, we help our students bridge the gap between struggling and success.

Our Mission

Education & Services Unlimited provides educational services to homeschool students in the areas of math, reading English Language Arts, Science and History/ Social Studies, as well as many electives.

Our services include tutoring services and special education support to improve student performance in the general education classroom/ public school.                      Thereby providing a small group education service that has proven results for academic success. 

Who chooses ESU?

We are proud of our highly diverse community of teachers and students who connect through Education & Services Unlimited.


College Bound


Athletes and Actors


Accelerated Learners


Students that need help


Gifted and Talented


International Students

Online Clubs, Groups, & Events

Our staff works hard to create opportunities and programming for our students to connect and expand their global understanding.



Gardening Club




Buisness Leaders of the Future

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