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The Classroom of  the Future


Let us show you how our live, small group online teaching puts your student at the center of academic excellence.

Small Group Classes

small group instruction makes students feel comfortable and confident in their learning.

Holistic Learning 

We aim to optimize student achievement through responsible stewardship of its financial resources and the proactive pursuit of all resources necessary to meet current and future demands.


Our fully customizable learning approach encourages students to reach their full potential

Rolling Start Date

Your student will receive the support they need through our  Academic Knowledge
and Skills (AKS) curriculum. as well as the opportunity to connect their learning with real-life possibilities through project-based learning initiatives.

No More Crowded Classrooms

With a personalized approach to learning, our teachers build on student strengths, interests, and learning styles to help them excel. No more than 6 students in a class.

At ESU, we believe life shouldn’t get in the way of learning.

Our approach sets us above the rest


With a deep understanding of each student’s unique learning style, we cultivate a genuine caring relationship where the experience of learning is activated.


Our personalized learning experience provides students with a comfortable environment that promotes academic, social, and emotional growth.


With our tailored approach to learning, we adapt to each student’s needs and meet them where they are to help them achieve academic growth

Preparing students for academic excellence.

Small group classes, virtual communities, and in-person events provide students the skills they need to feel confident in achieving their dreams.

We prepare our students for

the brightest futures.

  • Learning more at ESU than at previous schools. 91% 91%
  • Students’ confidence in learning abilities. 96% 96%
  • Before ESU 50% 50%

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ESU is Closing the Achievement Gap

ESU is Closing the Achievement Gap

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Discover what the advantages of a virtual education looks like.

Our virtual learning model keeps students engaged and motivated, so they feel confident to learn and pursue their dreams.

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