How online personalized homeschool works at ESU

Our approach to learning builds on an individual student’s strengths to achieve academic excellence.

Our Mission

To prepare students for a globally competitive environment in which students graduate college and are career ready while
fostering principles of responsibility, service, respect, compassion, international-mindedness within an academically
challenging educational framework.

ESU’S Teaching Methodology

Students learn best when they are safe, cared for, engaged, and believe in their abilities as learners. We believe that positive, authentic relationships are the key to realizing each student’s incredible potential.

ESU’s virtual academy’s classes are one-on-one, with one student and one teacher per virtual classroom. Teachers can then tailor course content to each student’s unique strengths, interests, and learning style. Our well-thought-out approach of “understanding, encouraging, and inspiring” establishes a solid foundation of trust and understanding, allowing students to truly master their course content.


Our teachers work within a student’s strengths to connect learning with life.

Building Confidence

  ESU teachers/mentors aim to identify and reinforce a student’s strengths by creating lessons and learnings around topics that students are passionate about.

  By centering learning around their world, students can make the connection between textbooks and real life and become more confident in their skills. With this confidence and comfort, student enthusiasm can soar.

Students receive real-time instruction and feedback, personalized just for them.

Small Group Instruction

Because our small group learning approach is at the heart of what we do, we are very selective in hiring teachers to guide and mentor students. Our teachers are passionate about connecting with students, identifying their learning styles, and delivering the best educational experience for their students.

Our Ozzy Homework Café is also where our student life activities happen. We plan programming based on student interests and around Social Emotional Learning competencies. We’ve got clubs and events, along with opportunitiesfor our students to connect with other classmates.

Our Leader

 Dr. Carolyn Lankford is the owner and senior educator of Education & Services Unlimited, LLC headquartered in , a suburb of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Interpreting for the Deaf at the University of Alabama, and her master’s degree in Special Education at University of Alabama at Birmingham. Later, she received her doctorate in Education at Grand Canyon University. Before starting her own education and training services business Lankford spent 23 years teaching in the Birmingham and the Atlanta metro area school public school system. She is enjoys working with children of all ages and has taught sign language to deaf, hearing and autistic children. In addition to teaching, writing and keeping up with the latest trends in education, she enjoys hiking and writing creatively as a hobby.

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