ESU is Closing the Achievement Gap

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As an educator I have noticed a growing crisis In today’s public schools, and that is the success for students of color as well as those that find the curriculum too elusive. Our country still has a long history of racism and exclusion as well as low expectations for many of our students of color, therefore, our public education systems have not adequately responded to remedy this situation. Therefore, this challenge is very harmful to many ethnic communities, in our state, in our nation, and our democracy. With every passing year, the damage mounts and the danger to our future grows more acute. We see lower rates of high school graduation which leads to less employment, higher rates of incarceration, ill health, substance abuse, and intergenerational poverty. No failure is more costly than the failure to educate our children of color.

These are problems of our whole society – problems with deep roots in our nation’s history. But while we cannot change the past, we can and must change the education system that shapes our future.

Our public schools are based on an outmoded system that was not designed to ensure the success of the wide range of diversities of students that are currently enrolled. We must examine the systems in which our districts, schools and classrooms operate and ask what the systems themselves are doing to close the achievement gap for all students regardless of color. With this report, the committee presents the following recommendations, which will promote a shift to a more equitable system.

Education and Support Unlimited has goals and strategies to Close the Achievement Gap for all students and we are built on the assumptions that when given the proper support that each child can reach their potential and can thereby be a successful: student, high school, college graduate and lifelong learner.

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